We all have situations in our lives that bother us and some that are painful.  Most of the time, it involves loved ones.  We can’t see eye to eye, we may even have a lot of ideas on how the relationship should work.
If it isn’t working that way, if there is separation – we may have a lot of emotional pain too.
We all have different ways of dealing with those sorts of situations; some of us may pray or meditate to bring ourselves to a more peaceful place or we may drum or chant to bring ourselves to balance.  These are some very good tools to use.
Sometimes we talk to friends or other loved ones who may offer council and help us to see it from a different perspective.  If you have those people in your life, you are blessed!
In Being and Vibration though, Joseph speaks about the medicine wheel and how it works when we choose to “gossip.”
“A mundane example of how the medicine wheel works is the concept of gossip. The real reason we gossip about other people or find fault with other people is because we are really trying to figure out where we are placed in the moment and with ourselves. Perhaps we have low self-esteem in that moment so we might gossip in order to make ourselves feel better. When we gossip, we send out some form of energy, a thought or an allegation. Since higher consciousness knows we are really trying to find our way back to some inner harmony, the very nature of life is that it will send something back that will jar us loose and put us back into balance. All that life is really interested in is perpetuating itself beyond eternal unfolding of vast emptiness.  It is continually looking at what it needs to do, including sending back what it has sent out, because it wants to restore harmony.”
I’m not sure how many time’s I’ve read this passage in Being and Vibration but it’s a lot!  I keep coming back to it, over and over… I work to understand my own painful situations.  I want to find good ways to deal with conflict and upset.
I can see how this works though even when its not a big upset.  Think about times you find yourself “talking about” someone else in a way that could be considered “gossip”.  When you are honest, you can see how the teaching Joseph gives might just be true.
The best way forward might just be awareness, in the moment.  If we can catch ourselves – we can change!
Here at Sweet Beautiful Waters the work continues.  We are blessed on so many levels.  We have begun the work of clearing the land in preparation for Vision Quest Dances being held here!  We hope to have our first Long Dance here in 2015 with our first Sun/Moon Dance in 2016!  The Tree of Life is here on the Land and we will be doing a special “planting” ceremony soon.
We continue to do our Fire Ceremonies every month and on February 13th – 15th we will be doing a Mid-Winter Drumming Vision Quest which Rick Cotroneo the Chamber Keeper of House of Mica in New York will be leading.  I hope to make it a part of our ongoing offerings here.  We still have some spots open so let me know if you are interested.
Our Peace Chamber continues to call the people and our community is growing which sure does make my heart sing.
We’ve been chosen to host the 2017 International Peace Chamber Gathering; which is a big undertaking but we are thrilled to welcome our community here.  There is a lot of work still to do and I will be doing some fund raising to help us get the money needed to build our Dance Arbor and put some infrastructure in place for Dances and the Gathering.
I continue to do my own healing work with individuals as well using all the tools available to me.  If you find you are being called to do some individual work just reply to this email so we can set up a private session. Most folks find this session to be profound in and of itself but we will also use that time to consider a deeper relationship and how I can best help you.
This work is my joy and I am here to serve and to help.
To all my relations