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There will be a Long Dance here September 16-17th 2017. “In the long dance of life, every step forward awakens three opportunities for the human. One, placement in eternity; two, purification of past forms; three, new opportunities for adventure, for in the instance of eternal time, the new always refreshes and cleanses.”- Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow   This is our Long Dance Chief Jack Gillette receiving Joseph’s blessing and permission to Chief this Dance. It is a powerful dance of renewal. Email for more information.


Fire Ceremonies

Fire Ceremonies are held in Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber in Tucson AZ on the 7th of every month at 7 PM.  These ceremonies are to honor the Waters of the World.


We are doing drum making teaching/workshops on a regular basis – email if interested.


We have completed our First Long Dance on our land here in Tucson on September 19-20th 2015.  Chief Lindsley Field led us beautifully but our dearest Jack Gillette received Joseph Raels personal blessing to continue to Chief our Long Dances here.  Our 2017 Long Dance will be help September 16-17th.

Long Dance – a one night visionary Dance in which you dance your past, present and future.

IMG_2121April 15-18th 2016 our First Sun-Moon Dance was held on our precious land. We had seven beautiful women dancers (the seven Pleiades), and it turned out to be a women’s dance as all the medicine people and drummers were women.  How perfect for these times!

Kristen Bissinger came to chief and I to co-chief this first dance but on Saturday morning Kristen turned it over to me and I was able to effortlessly step in to the role of Chief. What an honor and a joy.

Next year our Sun-Moon Dance will be held May 4th – 7th due to the fact that the International Peace Chamber Gathering will be held here April 28th – 30th 2017.  Email me for details.

The Chamber Gathering was a great success and a wonderful combination of movement in ceremony and sitting with deep listening.

The Dance was profound on many levels. One being guidance to do a Morning Star Water Blessing in between the Gathering and the Dance. That Star infused water was used in a blessing during the Dance and it was the water each person was given at the end.  The Star Beings are really present here with us in Tucson.

We also do monthly Women’s Full Moon Drumming in the Peace Chamber along with monthly sweat lodges during the winter months.  We are adding in mixed gender Chanting in the Chamber on the New Moon. It is time to deepen our knowledge of the mysteries of Sound.  If you want more information on any of this please do email me.



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