Upcoming Events

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022 

April 2022
Sun-Moon Dance Thursday to Sunday 14-17th

May 2022

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

September 2022
September 17-18th Long Dance Starts at 12:00 noon

October 2021
October 6th 6:30 pm Women’s Song Carrier’s 
October 7th 6:30 pm Fire Ceremony all are welcome
October 16th 9 am Teachings and movement with Martha
October 20th 6:30 pm Women’s Full Moon Drumming 

November 2021
November 4-7th Mini Song Carrier’s immersion with Madi Sato
November 7th 6:30 pm Fire Ceremony
November 19th 6:30 pm Women’s Drumming

December 2021
December 4th 6:30 pm Women’s Song Carrier’s
December 7th 6:30 pm Fire Ceremony
December 18th 6:30 pm Women’s Full Moon Drumming
December 21st Worldwide Chanting for Peace and Solstice/Sepapu Blessings – time TBD


JackreceivingblessingsJoseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow giving permission
and blessing to our Long Dance Chief, Jack Gillette.