Upcoming Events

We have now added a night of Chanting in the Chamber on the New Moon of every month.  We will explore sound in the tradition of Joseph Rael.  If you are interested in attending please email me.




There will be a Long Dance here September 16-17th 2017. “In the long dance of life, every step forward awakens three opportunities for the human. One, placement in eternity; two, purification of past forms; three, new opportunities for adventure, for in the instance of eternal time, the new always refreshes and cleanses.”- Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow   This is our Long Dance Chief Jack Gillette receiving Joseph’s blessing and permission to Chief this Dance. It is a powerful dance of renewal. Email for more information.


Fire Ceremonies

Fire Ceremonies are held in Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber in Tucson AZ on the 7th of every month at 7 PM.  These ceremonies are to honor the Waters of the World.

We are doing drum making teaching/workshops on a regular basis – email if interested.




Our 2018 Sun-Moon Dance will be held April 19-22.  This year we will have a little money set aside to help a LOCAL dancer with their Give Away – please ask about that.  There are many functions at a Sun-Moon Dance so if you feel called but are not sure if you want to dance, get in touch with me to see what you can do.  But I encourage you to DANCE, it will change your life.

Our Sun-Moon dance in 2017 was once again guided by Spirit to provide all of us an opportunity to surrender to what is.  We had 12 dancers and many came from far away, we were blessed to share the arbor with 6 dancers from the Brazilian Chamber community, our lead drummer was from Australia accompanied by a beloved drummer from Scotland so it was truly an international dance.

It was very very hot and the dancers were pushed to their limits and beyond but we were infused with the teachings of the heat.  Before the Dance, I was inspired to do a Morning Star Water ceremony and the water the dancers received at the end of the Dance was infused with the energy of the morning star.  Below is the painting that I bought from Joseph Rael depicting the Morning Star ceremony. When I bought the painting Joseph instructed me to do this ceremony.  Infusing the water with the energy of the Morning Star was done in between the Peace Chamber Gathering and the Dance.  We were all blessed to receive this gift.


We also do monthly Women’s Full Moon Drumming in the Peace Chamber along with monthly sweat lodges during the winter months.  We are adding in mixed gender Chanting in the Chamber on the New Moon. It is time to deepen our knowledge of the mysteries of Sound.  If you want more information on any of this please do email me.



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