Taking the Shawl

There are times for all of us, you know – the down times when things seem to be blowing up or falling apart and we feel a little lost.  I’ve had one of those times lately.  That’s life.

Things have been settling and coming around a bit, and this morning I used the Sacred Path Cards by Jaimie Sams and the card that came up for me was Shawl.  As I read it struck me that it was a beautiful teaching and perhaps one that will resonate for you too.  It says “The Grandmothers of the Sisterhood of the Dreamtime Buffalo taught me that the Time of the White Buffalo would mean many things. Their prophecy said that the return of the Buffalo to Turtle Island would mark the return of many Red Ancestors who would not necessarily come back to the Good Red Road in Red bodies.  Many people would feel confused at having no Indian blood and yet be Red on the inside and white on the outside.  Grandmother Cisi told me that Great Mystery was going to play Heyokah with everyone who refused to honor the paths of others.  Grandmother Berta told me that some Native People would deny other Native Teachers who shared their Traditions with all races.  Then Grandmother Cisi laughed and laughed at the raucous battle of egos she had seen in her Medicine Bowl that would be caused by the fighting between all of “those people” claiming to be the only true Native Teachers.  The Grandmothers promised me that this jealousy and envy would eventually serve as a growth tool for all concerned and would iron itself out as the Fifth World of Peace continued.”
Now when I read this I too laughed as I feel Red on the inside and knew when I found Joseph Rael’s teachings that I had finally come home.  Joseph is extraordinary really as he began sharing his visionary teachings a very long time ago, as he was “instructed” to do!  He gave of himself freely and we have a body of work that we can access now that is invaluable.  He too speaks of entering the Fifth World.

The Teaching goes on to say:  “Wearing the Shawl is coming home to the arms of the Earth Mother and being loved. The responsibility of Taking the Shawl is being loving to others who have forgotten the Sacred Path or the way home.”

This can be a challenge especially in these times, but I was reminded today it is my responsibility and joy to do my best to “Wear the Shawl” and walk the Red Road in a good way.  Aho.

In joy and with love,

Image by Sagrado  It’s a beauty isn’t it?