Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber


Listen to Joseph’s words regarding the Peace Sound Chambers.

Our Story

In 2002 I went to my first Sweat lodge and every month from that point on I returned.  A year later I attended my first Mystery School.

The first time I went to a Sun/Moon Dance was in 2003 as a support person. The following year I danced my first Dance. I was blessed to have Joseph in the Arbor that year in Pennsylvania.

In 2005 I went to the Peace Chamber Gathering in New York at The House of Mica. Joseph was there with us, and we had a lot of teachings from him. Many of them I can still remember word for word. We were inside the Chamber doing a sharing and a couple that live in Virginia spoke of the great need for a Chamber in their area as there was a Sun/Moon Dance nearby but no real community to support it.

I had spend many years wondering where I was supposed to move and now I had my answer…… West Virginia! I spoke to Joseph about this inspiration to build a Chamber there and he told me to go eat some lunch, and that if the Vision stuck after that then it was a true Vision. I laugh every time I think of that. Well, I had some lunch and 7 years later we were living in Tucson Arizona and the Peace Chamber is ready to have a roof put on.

In that time I married in 2007 and we looked for land in WV because that is where I thought we were supposed to be but Coyote was playing with us. We found 40 acres of land in Berkeley Springs WV and put an offer in on it, but the financial system collapse happened right around the same time so we didn’t get the financing.

This is when I say “thank you Great Spirit”! West Virginia just wasn’t right for us, I was trying to stay close to my PA spiritual family and my own family and friends but it just wasn’t to be.

I took that Winter off to pray and rest and to wait to see where we were supposed to go… in March of 2009 as Spring approached I woke up and asked “what about Tucson AZ?” I finally figured out I wanted to live closer to my children who lived in CA, and that I wanted to live someplace that was essentially warm year round……we had visited Tucson in 2008 and it seemed great.

Then the work of getting our house ready for sale and finding a place to rent in Tucson till we could find our house to buy…….by March of 2010 it was on the market and sold in April, we moved to Tucson in July of 2010.

We moved into our house in June of 2011 and we are nestled in the Tucson Mountains on 5 acres of land. I had taken money from the proceeds of the sale of my house in Malvern and put it aside for the Chamber construction.

I asked Keith Hagberry if he would come from Colorado and oversee/help build the Chamber and he said yes! Jack Gillette came from PA to do all the excavation work and on February 20th on the new Moon we began.
For weeks I felt very much like I was Dancing……and I am in awe of the energy and beauty of the unfolding of this Chamber. It wants to be born! We’ve had so many adventures in terms of where on the Land to put it, I was told in July 2011 to walk and Chant on the land every day so I could listen to Spirit regarding where the Chamber needed to be built. I was totally sure it should be built on this beautiful hill we own until 3 weeks before we were to begin. This is the lesson of the mind, again I was stuck with what “should” happen, not what Spirit wanted.

I was walking in a lower part of the property where I had built the Sweat lodge and suddenly it seemed the Chamber needed to be down there. I just stayed with that feeling and when everyone arrived and we began work with the backhoe, Jack immediately hit a grandfather rock that would not be moved.
All work stopped, we gathered together to confer and pray…..and decided to move it to a flat place in between two washes that runs thorough our property. Joseph named this Chamber Paah coh eh or Sweet Beautiful Waters and now, it was sitting between these two washes, it seemed perfect. Jack and Keith built a semi circle or horseshoe shaped rock wall around the grandfather and each day went I went down to sing and bless it and the cardinal stones around the Chamber. I had been praying for an “Ancestor’s Altar” on the land since my Father passed in November of 2011, and Spirit answered my cry the first day we began work.

We don’t have a large community of people here that know of Joseph’s teachings so we hired a contractor who had fallen in love with the project. I had taken some snacks down to Jack and Keith and there were some hard boiled eggs, as Jack and Keith were working with the dimensions and shape they took a good look at the egg and the Chamber is now a perfect egg shape! It feels as if you are in a space ship when you are inside and looking at the stars. Everyone who has come to work on it is curious – what is this building, what is it for they ask…

That first week, about 3 days into things I was woken up by the Grandfather Rock who was calling me “feed me”, “feed me”. Everyone else was still sleep so I got up, got dressed and took some prayer flags and crystals down to the Chamber site. I fed the Grandfather with cornmeal and placed the crystals on him, along with the prayer flags…..there are no words for the connection that is there with the Land, the Chamber and all that is. I continue to receive messages about what the Mother and the Chamber need and do my best to fulfill them. It is magical.

I am already and forever changed, my husband Pat is already and forever changed by the building of this Chamber. We are not done yet.

Update July 2013

Work continues on the Chamber, we now have doors thanks to Linda Richards who bought them!  Sadly the roof leaked and we had to hire a roofing contractor to repair it, but that was done a few months ago.  As I write this a bench is being built around the entire inside of the Chamber.  It looks amazing and I’ve got plans for mosaic’s to make it even more beautiful.  We continue to do Ceremony and Chanting and calling the People who want to come for healing.  Recently I traveled to Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu NM to see Grandfather Joseph and got the opportunity to ask him specifically about our Chamber.  Below is my question to him and his answer:

ChamberonthehillWill you talk a little bit about the resonance of the peace chamber relative to where they are placed – ours is in Tucson. I think I read something in one of your books about the vibration and the energy of the place has to do also with the chamber that’s there and that those chambers have their own work to do.

Joseph: Remind me of the name that I gave?

“Sweet Beautiful Waters”.

The generator that you have there is a spiritual one. All chambers have a spiritual generator and they’re generating 24 hours a day and they are going on and will continue to go on forever.

People come and want to do a peace chamber or a sound chamber as they are called. They think they want to do one because they love the idea but really the chambers are the ones that call us and then we decide to build one and people come.

The energy that your chamber is broadcasting is the focus of carrying and the placing of that carrying. As it crystalizes that energy of carrying, in time it’s going to bring people that are going to come and be part of your chamber that are going to facilitate the powers of caring meaning caring for other people, hospitals c-a-r-e and also c-a-r-r-y.

The energy is going to the right and the left at your chamber therefore it is bringing energy from the galaxies. There is another 3 or 4 galaxies that are connected to yours and billions and billions of light years. There is something about the heart focused here that’s grounding, especially in areas like Arizona and Texas and areas toward the south, that are from distant distant places and someday we’ll meet the beings. Remember, in the beginning we went to other galaxies and other places.

At Picuris we have a certain number of kiva’s to honor those people that are on the right and left. Someday they say they will return and you’ll see them from wherever you are at, where you are living, you’ll see these people show up and they’ll say, “We’re your cousins.” They’re real good at appearing like humans but they’re not, they’re not humans like we’re humans.

We’re here because there are certain experiences we have and love to have even though we complain a lot.

Every time we smile we remake ourselves. I tell my people smile a lot so we can remake ourselves over and over again.

So we continue to learn and grow into the energy of Carrying and Caring here in Tucson.


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