Walking with intent and ceremonial dancing are ways to connect with the inner, infinite self.  The metaphor that is enacted is the collision of the foot with the ground. The foot is how we move out in life. In ceremonial walking and dancing, the foot connects with the ground, which is the symbol of the infinite self.

Joseph Rael – Being and Vibration

I keep trying to find the words to talk about Dancing and I fall short each time.  I read what Joseph writes about it and it conveys a little bit of the depth that I feel while Dancing.  If it was up to me, I’d ask every single person to commit to at least four years of doing a Sun/Moon Dance.  Why? Because entering that ceremony and committing to it for a number of years can and will change you in ways you just can’t imagine.

Maybe you are one of those people who feel just fine, whose life it working well; and yet the way I see it all of us are disconnected from the Mother – from the earth and sky – the trees and plants, the animals.  The awareness of those things, and our place in them is essential to our survival.

Without that, we feel free to do whatever we want without regard for the consequences of our actions and as a species, we’ve already done quite a bit of harm.  It is time for the pendulum to swing back to center, to a more balanced and respectful place.  So dancing will get us there and give us so much more.  It will infuse your life with beauty and purpose.

Lots of us have a deep connection to Nature and the Earth or we are re-connecting and find it rewarding to do that.  But taking it one step further by doing ceremonies like dancing and sweatlodges and even ceremonies we can do every day such as a sunrise ceremony deepen our awareness and instill a sense of gratitude in us.  The quality of gratitude is one that can open doors for us.  It can increase our sense of joy and satisfaction which in turn increases all of those good things in our lives.

Tell me how you connect with Nature or with God, do you do your own ceremonies? Do you do Sacred Dance or Sweatlodges.  I know some of you do!  I am sending love and wishes for the best of everything for you and yours. Aho