IMG_1410What happens to you, when you feel panic and confusion?  Different things happen for me, sometimes I feel paralyzed and sometimes I know one small thing to do that just might help.

This morning, I thought of the just one small thing… doesn’t guarantee that there are answers but I’m pretty sure they will come.

I am so blessed to have the sacred space of the Peace Chamber that I can sit inside of to pray, chant or drum.  I come here.  This morning I drummed and did prayers to bless the Chamber and to ask for help.  I used the drum I just made with Buffalo hide and Buffalo calls the energy of planting and it opens a connection to the Ancestors.

It seems today, there was a need to receive comfort and guidance from them.  Answers to all the questions might not come instantly, but in the doing comes the knowing that the answers will come.

So find a place that is Sacred to you, it might be inside or outside…..your altar or your favorite Tree, take a drum or rattle and just sit and make the sounds until the mind clears or calms so you can see the answers when they appear.  Blessings on your Day.