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 Get the Five Simple Sounds for Healing!

MysoulsaysyesrhondagrayI’m excited to share this amazing gift with you.

Chanting the five vowel sounds can change your life. You can heal the past and the future as the electrical energy of Sound permeates you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

These sounds can align you on all levels thereby creating an environment for health to prevail.

I have created a transformational chanting audio (and instructional guide) for you that is sure to change your health and life. Find out how!

Meet Jane Innmon

IMG_8896Jane specializes in helping women entrepreneurs heal the trauma of sexual abuse and the ways that pain is holding them back from success. She helps women work miracles in their lives with ceremony, custom blended flower essences, and sound  and vibrational healing.  Jane is the Keeper of Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber. For over twenty five years she has worked with Flower Essences and Vibrational healing.

She is a student of Grandfather Joseph Rael ~ Beautiful Painted Arrow ~ the visionary of the Peace Chambers. She is an initiate in the Temple of Wombn facilitated by Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming. She has attended other trainings which have attuned her to subtle vibrational work including a year long bio-dynamic gardening training at Chestnut Ridge NY as well as a year long program at Sound School in Three Rivers Michigan, with Kay Ferry and Ruth Eichler.

She is the adoring grandmother of a small and growing grandson.