nativepeopleincircle“Everything that exists on the surface of the land is really an extension of the land. Ceremonies are about these extensions of land, or how land expresses itself in its highest natural form.” ~ Joseph Rael

People often ask me why I do ceremonies like Dances or Sweat Lodges and my answer was sometimes inadequate. I do them because there is something in me that loves them; that loves the effort required. The effort helps my mind to quiet and for me to feel connected.

When you read the quote above, you see from Joseph’s perspective that the ceremonies are about that connection, about the land expressing itself in the highest way, in the highest form.

The next time you have an opportunity to do a ceremony, when you arrive and during the time of the ceremony, you can hold this thought in your mind and consciousness. You are participating in the Land or the Mother expressing itself. You are participating in something that is really divine. That is a rare opportunity and one to be honored and savored.

We hold ceremonies regularly here in Tucson so if you are near, let me know of your desire to come and be connected to all that is! Aho