burdenbasketThis morning as part of my “quiet time” I pulled a Medicine Card called the Burden Basket and in contemplating those teachings it really makes my heart sing in that there is such wisdom in walking the Red Road.

Such a simple thing, a Burden Basket, used for carrying wood or food and still allowing the hands to be free; and yet there is so much more to this simple tool.

The teachings are ones we can all use. The Burden Basket was usually hung outside the door of each person’s home. In this way it would remind those coming to visit that their burdens should be left outside when entering someone else’s Sacred Space.

When you visit a friend or relative do you think about entering their sacred space? Do you pause to be mindful of what you are bringing in to that person’s home?

What do you think it would be like if we all had a Burden Basket outside our doors and even more importantly, that those entering would understand the significance of it and leave their complaints and problems outside when they enter. I think that those outside would experience more self-reliance in solving their own problems and those inside would experience more peace and joy if those visiting had hearts full of peace and joy.