Healing our ancestral wounds

sagradomoongatheringWhen we dance we can work on healing our pasts and by healing our pasts we heal our future, for ourselves and for our children and their children. Aho

Space is what is curving time. And that is what is creating gravity – that dialog between time and space. When we dance we expand the light over and over through time. When people leave the dance, they may think they are still in the same place, but actually, they’ve grown from where they were when they started out because of the effort they’ve made over time.

Whatever we send from the center, such as love and forgiveness, we send them into the past and the future; they curve back in and return to the center.
Joseph Rael – SOUND

Simple words – profound teaching. It is not too late to come dance in the Long Dance this year September 17th/18th or to begin to plan on coming to the Sun-Moon Dance next May.

Learning a new song

IMG_9015This morning as I was watering the trees down near the Chamber and doing a little reading from Joseph’s book I came across a passage in which he is talking about the Peace Sound Chambers and their purpose.

I like everyone else, is wondering about the state of our country and our world and it is hard not to be worried or anxious sometimes and horrified too at the violence, which is playing out around us here and all over the world. I wonder often about what I’ve chosen to do with my life, being a Peace Chamber keeper and a Sun-Moon Dance Chief….trying to give people a place to come where they can sit in the center and find their own equilibrium. In reading this piece I feel hope, for all of us – to understand that even the small things such as chanting in the Chamber or doing a vision quest dance – has its place and its an important one.

When we look at the mess we think the world is in we can’t possible imagine what one small voice chanting in a Sound Chamber, or one small fire lit by one lone hand could do to bring harmony and peace. That is because we think the world we see with our eyes is the permanent, true world. But if we look at the same spot in that same world five minutes from now we will see that the light is different, plants have grown or died, a rock has fallen. In just five minutes the world has changed before our eyes. Da-Vee is an Angelic Being raised by every fire that was lighted in the chamber, and every voice that sang a song these past 32 years. Da-Vee has grown into the form of a man, a shape-shifter, both ordinary and divine, a vibration both infinite and small. In Da-Vee’s perception we are only one song away from the harmony we seek. We are attached to the songs we know, and just want to sing those songs over and over. The true listener learns to open his or her ears to different sounds, and to build a house from a new song.

He is speaking of the child that was given to him a long time ago, when he built the first Peace Sound Chamber in Bernillio NM. It is only recently in another vision that Joseph learned the child’s name and what Da-Vee is here to help us with.

In this passage from Being and Vibration: entering a new world, Joseph is explaining to us the importance of these small things. These are things all of us can do in our day to day lives so that we can keep our own balance and show the way forward to building our house from a new song. Will you join me, will you listen and learn a new song?

If you don’t have the book – pick it up, buy it, read it and learn.  Being and Vibration, entering the new world by Joseph Rael




Black Elk Came to me and said

fallstarfrancenehartWritten by Martha Boose after her 1st Sun-Moon Dance


Black Elk came to me in meditation and said: We are the hollow bone, through which Great Spirit comes and resides, and through which we share All That Is.

I am a Hollow Bone. I had heard this before. At the Dance. I am a Hollow Bone and that is why I had the whistle, to remember that I was a Hollow Bone. Then we were reminded of the Tiwa chant – Waa Maa Chi – Breath. Matter. Movement. It also means God or Great Spirit. It also is the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, and All That Is – Energy. For that is what we are. Divine Energy.

So Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, speaks about sound as energy. We chant with the Tiwa sounds, but as we do, we are making sounds – producing vibration — within all the spoken languages. Thus, nothing is foreign. Nothing is different. We are One in the sounds. We are One in the energy.

Oh, if only all could hear and could believe. If all could feel and could believe. Then, in truth, would we stand, seeing only the beauty and love that exists in each and every being. I do not only speak only of two-leggeds here. Too much time and energy is focused on what two-leggeds want and what they think they need. It is never ending — until the point of ending all other beings.

I speak of mineral beings, as they are as sentient as any other beings. They are so willing to support all other life, but not to their own detriment and extinction. For they know at a much more core level than the two-leggeds, extinction of any mineral that was born of Mother Earth’s creation is harmful for the balance.

I speak of plant beings – the smallest to the tallest, evergreen and not, breathing and sinking into Mother Earth, reaching for Father Sky, and sustaining with Sister Sea. Both Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon blesses these with radiance of Divine Light, which could sustain all beings, if only two-leggeds would accept Nature’s reality.

I speak of animal beings – four-legged, no-legged, winged, walking on Mother Earth, flying in Father Sky, and swimming in Sister Sea. All are basking in Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon. Two-leggeds could learn a great deal by observing the discipline with which these beings live, taking no more than necessary, designing efficient and effective communities, nurturing and supporting their young, and then letting them go to move in the world, on their journey, assimilated new lessons, and building individual strengths. The balance is revealed in some living more fully and longer, than others. This is how the system works, when the two-leggeds stand back and allow Nature’s course.

Allowance is an imperative that the two-leggeds have appeared to either forgotten or have never assimilated. It goes beyond acceptance, although this is indeed on the path to allowance.

As many two-leggeds have developed linear constructs and concrete thinking, to reckon with and amass in the physical world, consider this example of physical allowance. With the image of allowance, one may remember a time in the home, when one received allowance, based on the amount of time and effort, one had put into the weekly functioning of the household community.

It seems that this fair exchange has gotten lost along the way, and one would be hard pressed to find even minimal examples within most homes in America. This, perhaps, is in part a loss leading to the loss of Oneness, a sense of true belonging. Without this natural and necessary sense of belonging, one may be untethered to Earth’s energy, the vibratory force of all.

Acceptance may be simply a pre-cursor to allowance. Allowance is much more than tolerance, as it is a recognition of worth and belonging – Oneness. With this clarity, one evokes the image of the Creator, and that is Divine Love.

I feel a nudge. I hear a drum. I am distracted from my vision. I know I can no longer fall easily back into a less awake existence, for I continue to feel moved and know the Pulse of the Dance lies within me. So I go to the altar, where my rattle, medicine basket, feather fan, and whistle lie, creating a circle of power into which I can stand. I pick up the whistle, place it to my lips and fill my hollow bone and All That Is.



The Field of Plenty


The Field of Plenty

Field of Plenty,
Abundance for all,
No hunger…
No more pain.

Great Mystery holds
Earth’s Children dear,
And feeds them with
Eternal Flame.

Children of Earth, trust again!
Be grateful and give praise!
The Field of Plenty will remain
To sustain us all our days.

From Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams

When the Native Americans are in need of some tool or the services of a skilled person, they give thanks to the Field of Plenty for the manifestation of the needed item before it actually appears. The Field of Plenty always has a way of putting the needed item into the hands of the person who needs it. The keys to manifesting what is needed are gratitude and trust, balanced with action.

The last line above really says it all. Gratitude and trust, balanced with action. There is so much writing out there telling us how easy it is to manifest abundance or to create something in physical reality that we only have a “Vision” of and yet, it takes focus and maturity to master gratitude and trust along with action.

It is something that must be practiced again and again since our minds want to hold on to the fear and doubt.  We must be vigilant in rooting those things out and holding that trust and most of all gratitude in our hearts and minds.

Sinking into new knowing

As I continue to Dance in the Sun-Moon Dance and center my life around “listening” and saying yes, I see more and more how there is a different way to live our lives. One that is based on being a “true human” as my teacher Joseph Rael says.  A “true human” is a listener.  What that means to me, is just taking the time to listen to the wind, the rain, the birds, the insects and really to Great Spirit cause when we quiet down that much we can hear the heart centered direction we are receiving all the time. Then, when we actually follow that direction, that is when the true magic happens.

I’ve practiced “listening” and following direction for a very long time, not always perfectly, but still listening and as I stepped into Chiefing this last Dance this new knowledge is really getting anchored inside of me.

One of these days, I’ll figure out how to really talk about this and maybe even teach it.