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This land is dedicated to offering services and ceremonies for healing and I invite you to visit the Upcoming Events page to see what is happening next.

From Flower Essence therapy to Sun Moon Dances, you will find a range of holistic and supportive activities that are designed to create a safe space, build community and expand our consciousness.

Flower Essence & Vibrational Healing
For over twenty five years I have been studying and working with Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing. The results and effectiveness have been and continue to be fascinating and reassuring.
For more information about Flower Essence Therapy please feel free to call or email me. A Flower Essence consultation is approximately two hours. After listening to your concerns I create a custom blend especially for you. You will be instructed as to how and when to take the formula, what Essences were selected and why. Follow up support, as needed, in included.
Fee: $250
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Telephone: 520-204-1459

Sweet Beautiful Waters Peace Sound Chamber – as called forth by Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow, “The chambers help us to access wisdom from an ancient source. They act as a mouthpiece for the higher mind to amplify the call for that which we need at this time on the earth, and they help all who walk upon her.”


– Drumming –
– Sweat Lodges –
– Fire Ceremony –
Chanting Circles –
– Ceremonial Dances –
all dances are based on the vision of Joseph Rael –
Beautiful Painted Arrow

The Mission of Sweet Beautiful Waters Chamber is to create a supportive community, grounded in the teachings of Joseph Rael, where we work towards establishing abundance, discovering a sense of purpose and reaching our greatest potential.

Every individual will find their path in their own way and in their own time, we simply are offering experiences that may help along the way.

Once Again, Welcome!
Jane Innmon

All: You will get an automatic response if you email me….asking a few questions.  Please take the time to let me know how I can help.