A new way of being

jane in desert

Are you experiencing abundance in your life?

Do you feel like you are complete and have a sense of purpose to your life?

Are you living in a community where your needs are met as effortlessly as those around you?

Are you living in your greatest potential?

If not, are you ready to step into a new way of being?

Come to Sweetwater Healing Arts when you are ready to change old patterns and release beliefs that no longer serve you.   Here you will be guided by ceremony, vibration and vibrational essences on your healing journey.  Working with individuals and small groups, we create a safe place to allow transformation.   For some it is a gentle shift in perspective; forgiving and moving on, and others it may be the soul work of cleaning up deep long held trauma.   Sweetwater Healing Arts offers encouragement, support and community for healing through personalized individual sessions, group retreats and a variety of events.